Chambers International Fraud and Asset Tracing 2022 Global Practice Guide

Image: Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0

The world is currently in a state of great turmoil as a result of, among other things, the effects of the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the global economy remains fragile. These are classic preconditions for an increase in fraud disputes and related asset-tracing. It is essential that practitioners in this field keep on top of these developing trends, and that courts continue to adapt to them.

To this end, KNOETZL is proud to have contributed the Austrian Chapter for Chambers International Fraud and Asset Tracing 2022 Global Practice Guide. The Austrian chapter was collectively produced by KNOETZL Partners: Katrin Hanschitz, Bettina Knötzl, Judith Schacherreiter and Thomas Voppichler.

As a law firm that is Top Ranked in both Chambers Europe 2022 and Chambers Global 2022, we were called upon to provide a comprehensive analysis of the legal landscape in Austria covering fraud claims in civil and criminal proceedings, disclosure of assets, claims against corporate entities (incl, claims against fraudulent directors and ultimate beneficial owners), overseas parties in fraud claims, enforcement methods, privileges, rules for claiming punitive or exemplary damages, laws to protect banking secrecy and rules regarding crypto-assets.

KNOETZL’s comprehensive expertise in fraud and asset-tracing includes securing and enforcing multimillion arbitral awards and foreign judgments simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions, securing worldwide freezing orders, contesting and halting complex, hidden, asset transfers in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously, and recovering fraudulently misappropriated assets. KNOETZL’s clients – high net worth individuals, multinational corporations and other victims of fraud – and international fraud and asset tracing partners value our tenacity and imaginative use of all available civil and criminal law instruments, procedures and offices to secure recovery of assets.

For more information, please contact Bettina Knötzl, Katrin Hanschitz, Judith Schacherreiter, Thomas Voppichler or your customary relationship professional at KNOETZL.