Judith began her career as a passionate law teacher and researcher at the University of Vienna Law Faculty, where she developed her widely-recognized legal drafting skills and received her qualification as  professor of law (“Habilitation”) for Civil, Private International and Comparative Law. Many of her publications have been cited by the Austrian Supreme Court. For her innovative and ambitious academic work, she has also received scientific and teaching awards.

As a trial lawyer, she is similarly driven to develop compelling arguments to defend her clients’ rights and interests. Her practice focuses on complex commercial and international litigation, including in asset tracing matters and enforcement in national and cross-border cases.

The cases, on which Judith has dedicated her practice at KNOETZL, include cross-border interim injunctions (both for claimant and defendant), a several million euros damage and warranty case in the energy sector involving highly complex technical questions (on defendant’s side) and real estate disputes (KNOETZL representing creditors to defend their commercial and real property collateral).

From her academic background, Judith brings to KNOETZL not only a profound knowledge of civil law and international procedural law. She also brings the skills to deal meticulously with complex legal issues and convince with precise and straightforward arguments – whether in legal opinions, written submissions, or oral pleadings.

During her academic career, she engaged in resident research programs at foreign universities in England and Mexico. In Mexico, she conducted case studies on land conflicts and property law for two years. Due to her specialization in comparative law and her international legal experience, Judith has learned to communicate and translate between different legal systems and cultures and to handle cases that involve various jurisdictions.

Judith was elected to the partnership at KNOETZL in 2020 and is admitted to the bar in Austria.


Judith’s recent publications include:

  • On fundamental tort law rules in an Austrian standard commentary: §§ 1299-1316 ABGB, in: Kletecka/Schauer, ABGB-ON. Kommentar zum Allgemeinen Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch, Wien: Manz 2020;
  • On liability issues of the civil law partnership: Die deliktische Außenhaftung im Wirkungskreis der GesBR. Zur Zurechnungsfrage zwischen Gesellschaft und Gesellschaftern, in Dauner-Lieb/Danzl/Wittwer, Festschrift für Christian Huber (2020) 467-475;
  • Notes on various Supreme Court and European Court decisions regarding international jurisdiction, for example in case of investment fraud (Austrian Supreme Court 8 Ob 75/18i, ZFR 2019, 139-140), of prospectus liability (ECJ 12.9.2018, C-304/17, Löber/Barclays, ÖBA 2019, 75-77) and of a jurisdiction clause in the articles of association of a joint stock company (Austrian Supreme Court 6 Ob 187/17v, ZFR 2018, 285-286);
  • Book on unjust enrichment and damages in intellectual property law: Bereicherung und Schadenersatz im Immaterialgüterrecht. Ein Beitrag zum Verhältnis zwischen Sonderprivatrecht und allgemeinem Privatrecht, Jan Sramek Verlag 2018.
  • On the hindsight bias in tort law proceedings together with Bettina Knötzl and Alexander Schopper: Der Rückschaufehler bei der richterlichen Urteilsfindung im Schadenersatzprozess, JBl 2017, 2-10


Judith’s recent speaking engagements include:

  • Regarding collateral on movable property: Grenzgänge der Kreditsicherheiten. Eine Revision des Sicherungseigentums, Sigmund Freud Private University, 30.3.2021
  • Do we need a cultural turn in comparative law?, Max Planck Institute for Foreign and Private International Law, 16.7.2019
  • Regarding a decision of the European Court of Justice on public order restrictions in private international law: Von Ralli Bros bis Nikiforidis. Eine Travestie vom materiellen Recht ins Kollisionsrecht, University of Vienna, 31.1.2019,
  • Regarding methodical issus of civil law: Die Bedeutung der Systemkohärenz im Verhältnis zwischen Sonderprivatrecht und allgemeinem Zivilrecht, University of Graz, 22.6.2018
  • On civil law questions of bribes and kickbacks: Wohin mit Schmiergeld, kick backs und Retrozessionen? Rechtswidrige Zuwendungen Dritter zwischen §§ 1009 und 1013 ABGB, University of Linz, 3.2.2017


Judith’s recent seminars and classes include:

  • Recent developments in private international law (University of Vienna, Master and Doctorate)
  • Tort law (Sigmund Freud Private University, Master and Bachelor)
  • The Other Question. Comparative law approaches to foreign legal traditions and cultures (University of Vienna, Master and Doctorate)


In the context of the current COVID-19 crisis, Judith dealt with possible reductions of rent of business premises:
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