What Does the COVID-19 Crisis Mean for Victims of Fraud?

With the freedom of movement restricted and the Austrian justice system impaired for this critical phase of the global crisis, concerns about  deadlines, oral hearings, service of court documents, enforcement amongst other things are flaring up.

Judith Schacherreiter and Bettina Knoetzl, in her function as the Austrian representative of the ICC-FraudNet, have published a succinct overview of the details and effects of the various laws passed due to Covid-19, as well as an outlook on the developments expected to follow the allevation of the pandemic.

The guide is accessible online here.

If you are interested in similar information relating to other countries, please visit the ICC FraudNet website. There you can find helpful information about numerous jurisdictions FROM TOP LOCAL EXPERTS across the globe.

For further information please contact Bettina Knoetzl or Judith Schacherreiter.