Time DOES Fly When You’re Having Fun!

In celebration of friends, clients, ourselves, summer and all the good stuff about all of them, the KNOETZL Family threw open its Vienna Skytop doors, once again, for its Summer Opening 2017. This time, we shifted our focus from the seriousness  of our mission as reflected in our being honored at last year’s event by a significant welcoming address from Austria’s Honorable Minister of Justice, to the importance of experiencing joy in pursuit of that mission.

Our guest of honor at this year’s event was the perfect embodiment of KNOETZL’s firmly-held belief that we — like everybody — practice and operate more effectively, more creatively and much more successfully for our clients and ourselves, when we have fun in doing what we do.

In complete vindication of our belief (not to mention our standard-setting trial and arbitration success rate!) our wonderful jazz band under the joyful guidance of the outstanding artist Franz Luttenberger together with his magnificent band halted their fun (and the delight of everyone) long enough for our guests to hear the inspiring message of greater success being achieved when the appropriate amount of fun is blended into the mission. This, coincidentally, is a central theme of Prim. Univ.-Prof. DDr. Michael Lehofer, whose having fun in his work is evident in the striking success of his being the Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 1 at the Sigmund Freud Regional Hospital Clinic (since 1997), Full University Professor (since 2004), the Medical Director of the Landesnervenklinik Sigmund Freud Graz, and renowned expert on the direct and substantial relationship between joy and success. DDr. Lehofer enthralled the attendees and educated us with a good scoop of humor on joy — at and out of work — and why enterprises that focus on joy and providing an environment open to enjoying work will rather be blessed with success.

Then, the band resumed late into the night, as the joy of the evening never missed a beat!  We hope all attendees are having fun with the toys they took home.