Construction Arbitration and DAB Proceedings – Practical Insights: Seminar in Belgrade co-organized by KNOETZL and Baklaja Igrić Tintor Law office with the support of ACES, the FIDIC National Member Association in Serbia

On 18 June 2018, KNOETZL partners Florian Haugeneder, Patrizia Netal and Emmanuel Kaufman together with Katarina Obradović Baklaja and Jovan Nikčević from the Belgrade law firm Baklaja Igrić Tintor Law office held a seminar on construction arbitration and Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) proceedings under the framework of the FIDIC standard form of contracts. KNOETZL’s experts shared their extensive experience in construction arbitration and dispute boards with engineers, experts and inhouse counsel from Serbia and the CEE/SEE region.

The seminar also served as an opportunity to discuss the new 2017 FIDIC Suite of Contracts launched in December 2017 and the challenges construction companies, engineers and public entities are facing with their implementation.

The seminar focussed on the composition of the DAB, the newly introduced Dispute Avoidance/Adjudication Board (DAAB) and Do’s and Don’ts in DAB proceedings. During the seminar, the panellists and experts engaged in a lively exchange of ideas about the challenges Austrian and Serbian practitioners are encountering in connection with the acceptance and the enforcement of DAB decisions and their impact on arbitration proceedings. The participants actively contributed to the debate with questions and remarks based on their own experience in Serbia and the CEE/SEE regions.

The conference was kindly supported by the Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia (ACES), the FIDIC National Member Association in Serbia.

For more information about the event and our construction arbitration practice, please contact Florian Haugeneder, Patrizia Netal and Emmanuel Kaufman or your customarily contact at KNOETZL.