CEE Legal Visits With KNOETZL MP


CEE Legal,  a well-regarded professional publication covering legal affairs, law practice news and developments in and throughout the CEE Region, caught up with KNOETZL Managing Partner, Tim Pfister for an interview in its regular feature “Expat on the Market”.

The publisher was curious about how Tim came to the CEE legal market centered in Vienna after a multi-decade career of practicing corporate, finance and international structured transactions law with BigLaw in New York and providing management support for American and multinational law firms based in the U.S.   Tim is asked  about how he tries to impart  lessons learned, over an extended tenure in an entirely different setting, to KNOETZL’s lawyers and toward the firm’s mission of bringing to this market a higher and more effective level of disputes resolution services.

Because CEE Legal sought to avoid a stiff, formalistic accounting in the interview, preferring, instead, a more personal approach, Tim happily complied, and reminds us that any opinions he expresses in the article are his, alone, and not the opinions or positions of KNOETZL.





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